Adding charm to your event


Stage Decoration creates the moment! Be it a theme-based event, a small prop-night or a wedding. We all want to be dressed in the best way, then why not light up the whole event with some stage decor? Here’s to a few tips to remember on stage decoration, while you plan your next event. 

Tip no 1: Keep it simple: Adding too much to the decor might kill the show. So, keep the stage decoration simple and elegant. If it is for a reception or a wedding, flowers will add the charm. If in case, it is for a kid’s birthday party or a theme-based party, convert the stage into a photo-booth where people can come and create memories with the props. 

Images used on this blog is from a first birthday shoot which we did in Chennai, designed by  Andrea's Creations



Tip no 2: Budget: Sometimes, stage decoration might take up a huge budget. So, fix a budget before hand and appoint a stage decoration vendor who falls in your budget. Also, meet a few stage decorators, get quotes from them, check out their past work, ask about the vendor’s work from few people, negotiate and then appoint a vendor. Because this is a one-time thing, we cannot give any chance to any mistakes happening. 


Tip no 3: Decoration ideas: Well, with the rise of technology and the boom of the internet, individuals have become smart with time. Yes, you got me right! I am talking about doing some research before hand. Based on your theme look for how people have executed the decorations for their event in the past. This research might help you come up with new ideas and also help you negotiate in many aspects with the event planners. While coming to the wedding decoration, we all know flowers and lights do the magic. Look for flower stage decorations and choose something that goes contrastingly well with your outfit and sets the charming mood. Save a couple of images from the internet, show it to your stage decoration vendor and do a bit of moderation if you want and then here you are all set! 

Tip no 4: Photos - Photos: We all want to capture every nook and corner of the event. From the empty hall with no people to the jam-packed hall. We tell our photographers to come well before time to capture the tiniest of things at the event. And, the photographer looks for nothing more than a spot or a stage which calls for attention. If you are decorating your stage with the photo-booth concept then assist your guests to the spot to capture some reminiscing moments. 

These are the basic tips, you might have more to suggest or add, do comment with a few more tips one should look out for while considering stage decoration. All the best for your upcoming events and craft a stage that is simple, elegant and stays in the mind forever! Roses or props, the choice is yours! 


Venue: Raj Park, Mylapore, Chennai.

Decorations by: Andrea's Creations, Chennai