All about Ambiance!

Did you ever think that bad decor can actually spoil an almost picture perfect moment? Many people fail to believe that decor and photography are co-related. For a perfect picture, we just do not need a better photographer, but also a better decor! If the lighting is not perfect, if the decor is not set up right, then there is nothing much a photographer will be able to do!

When we step into weddings, we see the entire area is lit with a lot of yellow and other colorful lights. Do you know why?

It is because these lights help in enhancing the look of the pictures. They add the touch of natural light to every picture that is captured during the wedding rituals and other candid shots around the space.

Sometimes you would have also noticed that the cameraman team comes with a set of camera lights, this is because if the light on the stage or any other space is not up to the mark, these camera lights help in uplifting and enhance the quality of the photos.

When it comes to decorating the space, at Indian weddings we tend to see flowers everywhere. From different breeds to different colors, and different forms of decor. These flowers are used at the entrance of the venue, around the seating area, and also used to decorate the stage and backdrop. Why is this decor essential? Well, this decoration of flowers, helps in highlighting the pictures and breaking the monotony of a plain background. The latest trends go with theme based decoration, tassels, and photo booths to add a different flavor to the photography.

Many people go with the opinion that the ambience or the decor has nothing to do with the photography. But the truth is, they are correlated! Just imagine, if the lighting at the wedding is not right, will it sum up to bright good pictures? No right! Not only this, the ambience and decoration add a different flavor to the photography.

From the entrance to the stage, every small detailing in terms of decoration enhances the photos. So, when if you are looking at capturing the best of the wedding moments of the bride and the groom, then ensure that the stage is lit with the right decor, and lighting and make the photographer's job a little easier. So, do not take decoration lightly at weddings, or any other celebration, because decoration and the overall ambience is what creates the atmosphere for a fun-filled event.