Wedding filmakers in Chennai

Wedding films are order of the day for majority of the Indian weddings that is happening today! It is a well know fact that traditional wedding videos which span approximately around 2 Hours will be viewed by the bride and groom not more than thrice in their lifetime! 

A wedding film is a highlight of the entire event, approximately around 5 minutes and max 10 minutes, shot in a colourful, candid way! This is the T20 version of the traditional videography! 

Wedding films are popular these days among urban couples and the demand only seems to be soaring after every season. Here we are presenting some of our recent wedding films, kids montages, birthday invites and wedding invites. Our wedding films are constantly updated in our YouTube channel or simply keep eye this page.

One the most frequently asked question on wedding film is, can i get an exact replica of film that i saw your wedding film page? The answer is a big NO! Since each wedding is unique there is no way one can replicate anything from a previous wedding, the gallery is to show our strength and the style in which are capable of narrating a wedding story. 

Listing our 7 montage works done for weddings, birthdays and wedding invites 

Niraimathi & Hari, whether you visit our office, check out our wedding page, sample albums or our post wedding shoot gallery, there will always be something which is related to them :) they are one of our favorite couples with whom we had a great to shooting. Their wedding film was our first official montage which we made public and most of the couples who booked a wedding film us was satisfied with just seeing this small clip, check it out. 

Video made in the year 2016

Aashiq weds Manasa! Video Shot in 2018

Our first attempt in making a stop motion wedding invite! We thank Youtube for making this video go viral. This is also our most viewed video from our Youtube Channel, 5000+ hits

Video made in the year 2017

Baptism and Sacrament of Wendyl. This was our first full-fledged baptisms shoot for a baby, Wendnly's baptism is one of our best works in terms of Images and visual outputs. The possibility of everything to wrong in a candid shoot is high and the possibility is even higher when the event span is limited but when you are a witness to "immerse". We strongly believe that this is a blessing.  

Video shot in 2017


Lithest celebrated his first Birthday in style and we managed to catch a glimps of it! Check out Litheh’s 5 minutes montage complimented by a soulful music and visuals.

Video made in the year 2018

Adhvaith's is all set to turn one, here is a birthday invite, where he reveals the time and location to celebrate his big day! 

Video made in the year 2018

"Vaishani Turns 1" is the face of our birthday montages, this cutie came all the way to Chennai from down south to celebrate her birthday with her family post birthday celebrations her kids shoot was a scream producing stunning pictures and the credit goes to the winter evening lighting in Chennai.

Video made in the year 2017

Incognito frames is a team of young wedding photographers in Chennai, who expertise in wedding photojournalist approach in shooting Indian Wedding, other than wedding photography, we do family and kids portraits, outdoor couple shoots and wedding films