4 Best Camera Apps you should not ignore

Are you an aspiring wedding photographer? portrait photographer or someone who simply loves taking pictures with your mobile camera? Then check out our take on best 4 Camera Apps to make give your picture that professional look! 

We all belong to the age of photos and selfies. Stepping into a new place, having fun, eating a new dish, seeing a baby crawl and a million more such scenes are something many of us are wanting to capture as memories in form of pictures. But if the picture is not the way we expect might put us off, but there are professional camera apps that can do wonders. Many times our phone's camera might not have the effect and features one would look for, and that is why Mobile apps are a savior. Let's have a look at the best camera apps of this year.


Camera FV 5:

camera+fv-5-4-best camera app.png


When one can't own a DSLR, one can definitely own the Camera FV 5 Mobile App. This app helps one learn the art of photography. The different features of this mobile app make it one of the most tailored apps for photography enthusiasts. All photographic parameters are adjustable and are also always in one mobile app, such as exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and program mode. Download this app to capture amazing landscape and portrait images and store it in your art galore!



hypocam-4 best camera app.png


Welcome yourself to the olden days, where colorful pictures seemed just like a dream. Yes, this app is all about capturing the Black & White images. The different filters and the grayscale features make this one of the professional camera apps to capture the colorless yet lively images of today’s time. You would be surprised to see the different filters within B&W and we are more than sure you would fall in love with this app in no time. Download the app and add happy moments without colors.



vsco - 4 best camera app.jpg


The best part of VSCO is that anyone, be it a beginner or a professional photographer, both can use this app with a lot of ease. The design of the app, the focus of the camera and the end result of your photograph is stunning. It adds the right mixtures of RGB and makes the picture look as realistic as possible. People click millions of pictures and share on this platform. It is a photographer’s community to click great pictures with this app and share it. Instagram was late, VSCO is the photographer’s galore! Download the app and welcome yourself to the world of photography.





All about effects! The right term to use for this app is nothing but the plethora of effects it has to offer us. From selfies to rear camera images, both the side of the image carry so much life by just flipping right or left and using different types of effects and filters. Life is all about trying new things and obviously, the new filters! Flip between filters and pick the perfect filter from the Candy Camera app that suits your mood. The youngsters are going head over heels by using this app and the filters. It also has the beautifying features that focus on your face and add a different feel and shine! Go, girls, fall in love with yourself and the Candy camera app!