A Stop motion Wedding Invite

Stop motion wedding invite Chennai wedding

Wedding Invite has become part of a wedding photographer's menu, though none can match the traditional wedding invitation, the digital version of wedding invitation has been on the rise. Though we have done a few animation version of wedding invitations, this is the first time we decided to do an invite involving the bride and groom!

Trivia: It took us 1 day to shoot this 35 second stop motion wedding invite and 3 weeks of post-production work. The concept and the story were shared by the bride and groom! 

This is our first time we have been involved in making a stop motion wedding invite and strangely we have started receiving more hits in the video! that is 5 months after the event! Suddenly we see a spike in the hits and the video has hit 2500 HITS of which 2450! after the event got over! viewed in over 65 countries, this video has become our most popular video in our Youtube channel! though 2000 Hits is a small number for a youtube video and can be nowhere near what some wedding films have been getting, this is a HUGE number for our team and has surpassed the previous best of 1000 hits for our montage which took 1 Year to hit 1000.