Wedding Invites!

Wedding Invites! 

Weddings in India are celebrated like a festival. Even the minute things starting from the flower decoration to the chair arrangement in the hall is given high preference. Amidst all these arrangements comes the most vital part of the wedding which is invitation. Though we have turned into a digital world where nowadays invitations are easily whatsapped unlike the earlier days where the parents from the bride and groom’s side goes to each and every near and dear one’s house to personally invite them for the wedding. The wedding invitation is also designed uniquely and its design and style speak more about the status of the family. So it is patiently handpicked by both the families. Today separate invitation cards are printed by both the sides.

Earlier in South India, the card made of yellow glossy paper is considered a traditional way of printing invitations, now the same yellow paper has got its own modern variations. More of the planning is done on the invitation right from the color to the texture and designs. This is the first step towards a wedding and the guests are first going to have a look at the wedding invite so it should speak a lot for itself on how grandeur the wedding is going to be.

Those days the traditional yellow wedding invites would be given for printing in a printing press few months before the wedding, but nowadays many retailers have emerged who showcases enormous varieties of wedding cards and even designs them uniquely according to one’s taste. The work of the family is just to choose from the variety of cards and tell them the number of cards to be printed and everything else would be done by the retailer and delivered.

The most common varieties of invitations are made of marbled paper, glossy paper, matte paper, the modern parchment style paper, handmade paper, recycled paper and much more. These are just the varieties of paper from which the invitation is made; there are other key items like font, color, shape, text styles which should also be chosen by the customer. Some retailers even offer online designing of invitations where one can itself design their invitations however they want by adding all the necessary text and colors, they can also preview the final one before sending it for printing. This is one of the easiest methods.

The innovation of Invitation cards has gone to a great extent such that special cards are printed for various occasions like engagement, Mehandi and Sangeet, reception and wedding. Separate cards are printed for friends with catchy texts in an informal friendly way which adds to the innovation. The same is made in a digital format and is easily sent through whatsapp and email for friends and relatives living quite far-off.


A Stop motion Wedding Invite

Stop motion wedding invite Chennai wedding

Wedding Invite has become part of a wedding photographer's menu, though none can match the traditional wedding invitation, the digital version of wedding invitation has been on the rise. Though we have done a few animation version of wedding invitations, this is the first time we decided to do an invite involving the bride and groom!

Trivia: It took us 1 day to shoot this 35 second stop motion wedding invite and 3 weeks of post-production work. The concept and the story were shared by the bride and groom! 

This is our first time we have been involved in making a stop motion wedding invite and strangely we have started receiving more hits in the video! that is 5 months after the event! Suddenly we see a spike in the hits and the video has hit 2500 HITS of which 2450! after the event got over! viewed in over 65 countries, this video has become our most popular video in our Youtube channel! though 2000 Hits is a small number for a youtube video and can be nowhere near what some wedding films have been getting, this is a HUGE number for our team and has surpassed the previous best of 1000 hits for our montage which took 1 Year to hit 1000.