Gifs are back

GIFs in wedding photography


Gif was an old-fashioned bling thing that you would see in computers in the 90s and in the early 2000s. It was almost dead till the recent past till the arrival of Tumblr, which single handedly brought gifs from its graves, after twitter allowing its users to share gif files and facebook letting users to comment through gif, it has become a mainstream media file once again. We are yet to see gifs being used widely by wedding photographers, at-least Indian wedding photographers.

We at Incognito frames love gifs, regardless of the popularity! Giphy is our favourite gif hosting platform, try it out if you want to share your gifs. 

We have a dedicated page to show case our gifs! mainly it consists of weddding gifs and couple gifs! check it out! 

Marina beach is one of our favourite hunting grounds when it comes to post-wedding shoots in Chennai