It all started with...

Motion Pictures is one of the greatest leap forward in Technology, GIF - Graphic interchange format was a rage in the 90's when computer/internet was a young lad. As technology broke the cocoon in the early and mid 2000's GIF took a back stage and Video streamed online was seen as its big brother. As all good things comes back, GIF made a grand reentry,after the rise of blogging websites like Tumblr! and soon it went viral, now there are plenty of websites which gives us an opportunity to host and create our GIF all in a matter of few dedicated clicks! We host our GIF with Gify unlike the olden days where you should be a techie ate a geek to create a GIF and to create a GIF in which you get featured- you should have been a Geek. 

It all started with a flicker book, which we all would have owned as a kid! We guess GIF is nothing but a transformation of the good old flicker book.


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