Another day with Areeza

Part II - The second part of anything would be less engaging than the first one but this is an exception. Previously we had written a photo blog on a "a day with Areeza" which was a small religious shoot followed by a mini indoor shoot, this time, though everyone loved the pictures that came out this time it was even better we are back from Bengaluru with something even more beautiful, what was supposed to be a regular birthday shoot started with a quick outdoor shoot in Lal bagh, blessed with fantastic winter lighting..well have a look at the beautiful pictures


A day out with Areeza

A Bengaluru girl's photoblog


A collection of images of the super cute Areeza! Generally Kids shoot can be slightly challenging since kids are unpredictable and most of the time they are on the move which makes it really difficult to focus and sometimes what should have been a "nice shot" would be useless but Areeza was one step ahead, she was crawling faster, most of the time towards the photographer.  Check out our kids gallery for complete collection of Areeza and other kids photoshoot in Chennai.

Kids Photographer

Kids Photographer in Chennai

Kids Photography: Some Beautiful Memories to Cherish

Kids are the biggest and sweetest possessions parents can ever have. It is always fun to spend some quality time with them. Although you have thousands of moments with your kids which you are going to remember by heart but sometimes you need to capture those moments and showcase in your home.

Saathivik having great time during our photoshoot 

Saathivik having great time during our photoshoot 

Kids’ photoshoots have become quite a common trend these days. if you are searching for a kids photographer in Chennai for your sweetheart then you have landed in the right place. The final product which you get, that is photographs, are simply amazing. But, something which is more amazing is the process that led to those photographs. Shooting with kids is never easy. One moment, they may be shy and would not even look up towards the photographer or the camera. Another moment, they might be throwing tantrums or crying. Parents or the photographer would have to lure kids with their cheesy talks or chocolates and cakes in order to agree them to pose for the photoshoot. Well, the struggle does not end here. Even if they agree, they might give one shot and again get back to their activities. Everything right from the struggle to make them stand at the correct place to ask them to give a smile is not an easy job. But, both parents as well as the photographer loves it. This is simply because kids are cute and so are their activities.  Moreover, these are the things which makes such kinds of photoshoot more interesting and worth remembering. Check out our kids page in gallery and we hope you will realize that why we are one of the finest kids photographers in Chennai

A family portrait with kids is something loved by everyone. But, only a photographer knows the real yet sweet struggle behind it. Both the final picture as well as the behind-the-camera story are overloaded with cuteness. Moreover, during the shoot you even have the opportunity to capture some real moments between a family and the kid like the way parents try to convince their kid to get a good picture, how they react to his or her demands and how the kid finally agrees to give a shot.


Having a photoshoot with kids is quite necessary, considering the busy life of people these days. It is the time when you get to bond with your kids and spend some quality time. Also, after a few years when your little kid will be all grown up, he will look at these photos and realise the importance of a family. Along with your kid, you will also relive the entire photoshoot and have interesting and funny behind-the-photoshoot story with your kid.

Photo shoots means capturing memories for lifetime. And, when you get to capture these memories with your kids, it is simply amazing and unforgettable. Moreover, when you will kid will grow up, he will look at picture and realise that it was the family who was there with him or her at the beginning of his journey and will be there in all his or her happy and sad times.