A day out with Areeza

A Bengaluru girl's photoblog


A collection of images of the super cute Areeza! Generally Kids shoot can be slightly challenging since kids are unpredictable and most of the time they are on the move which makes it really difficult to focus and sometimes what should have been a "nice shot" would be useless but Areeza was one step ahead, she was crawling faster, most of the time towards the photographer.  Check out our kids gallery for complete collection of Areeza and other kids photoshoot in Chennai.

The halla-galla at a wedding!

Family is family. But friends are a bunch of crazy peeps who will add more than you ask for in your wedding. Friends are those smiling faces that tease you, harass you, but at the end make it up to stand by your side always. Good or bad times, friends are there to save you from all the trouble and do anything to bring that mesmerizing smile back.

When it comes to wedding, they are the most notorious ones. They spill over and still make it up to make your wedding be the best. From bachelorette parties to your honeymoon suites, they help you with all that you need to make it a larger than life wedding.

Their PJ’s will be something you would relish always. They add the fun-factor to your wedding. From crazy dance moves to grooming you, everything is done the best only when your friends are around. They are your next family. They know your choices and they know what is best for you too.

In the case of the bride, the bridesmaid is next as close to you as your sisters, they also are totally decked up from head to toe, from those desi-swag moments to special dance performances for the bride, they make every moment the most special one to re-live it.

In the case of the groom, well we know the notorious side of the groomsmen. They go crazy from their silly pranks to their suited-up look. They are always up and energetic when they are asked to help in any kind of arrangements. They take up the charge of attending the guest and also making sure everything is set well.

Hence proved, without friends marriage is a no deal thing. The best wedding gift is to have the great of friends at your wedding. They add charm, surprises, laughter, fun and above all together they make memories. Memories that can never fade away. So, choose the best bunch of crazy friends and live it the best way to your wedding!

friends in wedding.jpg