A Tech savvy, digital, Birthday invite!

A Birthday day invite!

Kids shoot is getting bigger and bigger, especially 1st birthday celebrations! The bandwidth of a first birthday celebration is what wedding was a decade ago.

Recently we had noticed that no other wedding photographers in Chennai have posted so many posts in their websites or on Instagram and Facebook pages about kids and kids photography they way we have done.

 We have dedicated a page for kids portraits, birthdays and there are plenty of blogs on kids shoots in our blog feed, in fact, the biggest cloud in our blogs are "kids" And now we are conscious that we should have more breaks in between posting kids posts but going by the rate of kids shoots we have been doing, that seems to be a very difficult task. In fact our Youtube channel has more kids montages than wedding films

Last year we did 17 birthday shoots and many kids related events like Baptism, Upanayanm, Naming ceremony and Ayush Homam apart from plenty of kids portrait sessions. As we are inching towards our 50th Kids Shoot, we got a great opportunity to do our first ever birthday invite! 

Till a couple of years back there was a trend of inviting guests through a designer picture with all the details in it and later an animated video invite and now a video invite is slowly taking over that space.

This month another young client is celebrating his big, we also did a fabulous portrait session which will be published very shortly. Have a look at this fabulous 1st birthday invite which did for Advaith!