Mixed emotions..What the Bride feels

What A Bride Feels!

I am Engaged. I am getting Married. When a girl says this, as much as she sounds happy, there is a lot that is running in her mind. She feels happy, sad, nervous and much more. Because being a bride is not an easy thing! Be it love marriage or an arranged marriage, in a wedding, especially in an Indian wedding, a bride is always under a pressure of being accepted. Along with the acceptance comes the scene of adapting to a new family, new people and a new lifestyle.

Imagine one fine day, you no longer wake up in your bed, you no longer get to see your parents daily. Well, this is a change a girl, a bride fears. Because it is not easy. Everything changes, from basic cupboards to a completely new family. You don’t know how their nature is, what they like, dislike etc. But not to worry because this feeling is also a special one. The rush of mixed emotions is because we are starting a new life. A life that might bring in change but give us a new family who will love you for what you are. A woman is blessed to be a part of two families because a woman can keep both the families happy and take good responsibility.


Gone are the days, where women need to surrender their lives to their partners and his family. Lately, women manage two families, work, and house responsibilities. With technology, you can always stay connected to anyone you want. From families to friends to ex-colleagues. Be positive about the outlook, because what you think will help you feel good.

As the date gets closer and the shopping phase ends, every member of the family starts to make you realize that you will soon be gone, and that makes you all emotional. Because the pampering and the bond that you would share with your siblings and your parents will be something different after the wedding. Also, you are all stressed worrying about everything falling in place and nothing to go wrong during the ceremonies. But, it’s ok, the families will take complete care of it. All you need to do is stay calm and create the charm with your beautiful outfits and makeup.

A partner who promises to make you feel better in your bad times, a partner who believes in you, is what every girl wishes from her partner. The early few days might seem like new and different, but at the end, you will meet ends and accept the new family as your family and you will be able to mix well with the other members of the family. So, this is a beginning to a happily ever after. So smile, be happy, excited, because happy brides make the prettiest brides of all times!