Sashtiapthapoorthi, A complete cycle!


Our parents have been a strong portion of support from our birth. They are the people who love us even at our worst and would never judge us whatsoever. They have made all the phases of life starting from Childhood to adulthood much special and better by celebrating each and every occasion of our life. Sashtiyathapurthi is the time to offer something for return. Shashti Poorti or Sashtiapthapoorthi is commended on consummation of 60 years old of a male. This term is gotten from Sanskrit in which Shashti implies sixty; abda– year; poorthi-culmination. It is also familiarly called Arubadhaam kalyanam amongst South Indians. It marks culmination of a large portion of the times of one's lifetime as in Hinduism, 120 years is viewed as the life expectancy of an individual. The sixtieth year in one's life is a critical breakthrough, important defining moment, a touching indication of the rich, mellowed life that would unfurl in the years to come. This turning point marks festivity and appreciation forever given by God.  Today’s children celebrate this day in a very grandeur manner as they consider this day as the day to fulfill their part. They also see this day as another real wedding day for their parents and do all the rituals and events elaborately as it takes place in a conventional wedding. It’s also the time for the kids to fulfill their wishes of seeing their parents getting married so can you realize how special it is?

The Rishi munis and sages of wisdom have acknowledged of the sixtieth year in one’s life and have elaborated certain rituals to epitomize this special event. This is usually considered as a rebirth and there would be repetition of some rituals performed during one’s birth. This is considered as  a celebration which is a holy part of the blessed Vedic culture.

The Sashtiapthapoorthi should be performed exactly on the 61st year and in the same month and day of birth with reference to the Indian Zodiac signs. In case if it unlikely to perform the rituals on the same day then allowance is given to place it on any day during and before the completion of 60th year. The location of Sashtiapthapoorthiis usually a place of pilgrimage, a temple, shore of a river or the person’s own residence. There would a grand family reunion to feature the most important event in a couple’s married life.

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The most important rituals of Sashtiapthapoorthiare Santi, Kranti and the main ceremony. The ceremonies cut out as a component of Shanti are likewise alluded to as Ugraradha Santi. Ugraradha means cruel natured time. In a hundred-year time size of man's life, pre-sixty is a time of materialistic interest while the post-sixty traverse is slated for his spiritual endeavors. The Ugraradha Shanti are prayers sent to heavenly abode to make the post sixty a spiritually sacred and fulfilling experience. Three different ways are chiseled to carry out the Santi aspect. They are "Sounakoktam, Bodhaayanoktam and Saivaagamoktam" . Since all the rituals in Santi are very long and elabaorate, only the kings and emperors of those days followed it correctly and even some sincerely existing households.

After successfully completing the rituals of Santi it is Kranti which means Kalyanam. The main aim of this ritual is to tell the married couple to finish their life’s mission by staying together till the end with the blessing of god. The first marriage or the one done in early age is for physical proximity while Sashtiapthapoorthi is for Spiritual empathy. The Santi and Kranti rituals which run through Sashtiapthapoorthi provide a blend of spiritual and societal obligation which completes the essence of Indian culture. The ceremony has some more elaborate rituals which need to be performed as per the guidance of the gurus or an elderly person. It is usually done on Shubh Muhurtham and is commenced by doing the Yamuna pooja followed by Ganga pooja, ishta devathai vandana, sabha vandana, Punyaha with Panchagaavya Sevana", Naandi Pooja, Ruthwikgvarana and Kalasha Sthapana.

know all these names and rituals may seem so difficult to pronounce and understand, but these are the main ones which completes a Sashtiapthapoorthi. So plan this on as auspicious day and gift your parents an abundance of happiness and blessings of almighty on this day. It would definitely serve as a best family reunion too.