Family Documentary Photographer

Family documentary photographers in Chenani

“A picture says a thousand words” is a really powerful statement. Your thoughts when you look at an image from your childhood can’t be expressed in words. That feeling is inexpressible. It is very rare to find a picture in which everyone is perfectly posing and smiling at the camera with the say cheese grins but you can see a lot of emotions in those pictures. The same goes for documentary photography. All the candid moments are precisely captured without missing upon a single moment.



Documentary family photography means to capture your family just as they are in their real moments. It is capturing your first day as a mother and father. It would be beautiful to see your children grow into teenagers and into adults. It is beyond words to see these various phases of life captured in pictures.

Imagine those crumpled faces they make when they were frustrated, the first time they hold the spoon, the way they climb your lap and wrap their arms around you, the way they lay on your chest when they are exhausted are photographed naturally and you get a chance to relish them after many years.

The drops of tears which would roll down when you see the pictures of your children in their missing teeth, messy hair, the scribbled drawings in their hands and legs says the rest of the story. These are the best memories that cling on to you when they grow. One day it will be overwhelming to explain your grown children about these days, the happiness, the craziness but words are limited to explain that. Photographs can, of course, convey them accurately.

But documentary photography can feel scary as it requires you to be yourself. No makeup, no fancy hairdos, no matching clothing, no photoshopping yourself to make you look like Aishwarya Rai. Doesn’t worry the photographer won’t judge your messy house, scribbles done by your children on the walls, the embarrassing comments passed by your children and anything of that sort.

After all, this is the real life and it doesn’t need any curtains to be hidden. For every one hour, you get superbly clicked pictured of you being yourself.

These type of documentary family sessions are recommended once a year to show your family grow. Photographers also recommend to portray them as albums after each and every session ao that after many years it would seem like storytelling. Just think about your albums lined up in the table arranged by years. Many studies show that the self-esteem of children is increased when they see themselves in their family albums. Researchers say this may be due to showing a family as a family unit which can be so helpful for children to see themselves valued, important and being a part of the family unit.

So what more are you waiting for? Schedule a family documentary session as soon as possible. This is really going to emerge as the best memories for your life.