Ayush Homam; Celebrating the baby steps

Ayush Homam Photography

Spiritual beliefs and India are two tightly knotted ties which cannot be loosened easily. Our people perform sacred practices before and after every good and bad incidents. Even though at first it may seem totally obnoxious for some of us, we end up respecting these traditions as they are some unique traits of our Indian culture. Some of such cultures are grahapravesam which is done after building a new home, child naming function after a baby is born and much more. The elements of these functions include performing lots of homams ( slokas are recited in the front of burning pyre) for the wellness of the family, the house and wishing for a healthy life for the newly born baby.

Ayusha is nothing but means age in Sanskrit and ayusha homam is performed by well learned purohits for a healthy long life and for removal of hindrances from life. This is performed usually on the naming ceremony of a newly born baby, wishing for his/her wellness and having a happy life forever. On this homam the god of life Ayur Devatha is worshipped and it believed that by doing this homam forever blessings from the god of life is attained. Even this homam is done in the houses where a person has come out from a terminal illness and wishing for a healthy life here after. Even people who wish for overall wellness and goodness in a home, perform this ayush homam once in a year to get rid of all the evil bodies which has surrounded them. These practices were once performed only in the houses of Brahmin households, but has become a common one everywhere.

Before the homam is initiated, the devotees pray to their kuladeivam or native deity asking for their blessings. Then the parents along with the kid are made to sit in the front of the agnikundam. The Agni is made of 3 portions

  • The Eastern part which is decorated or painted with a rangoli in the shape of peetam or mandapam. The 5 colours in the rangoli signify the 5 main elements of nature. In this way it is believed god is treated in a special way

  • The middle portion of the agni is traditionally considered so powerful as all our prayers and offering is believed to reach the deity through this portion. Another small rangoli of lord Ganesha is made in this portion.

  • The other extreme end is where the Kalasham is kept. This signifies the sacred water of the Ganga.

The AyushHomam consists of 3 stages which is

  • Kamaadi

  • Kammahdya

  • Kamaanthya

Kamaadi starts with accustomed prayers to the Lord Ganesha by decorating him with flowers and offering him neivedyam and praying or homam to proceed smoothly without any interruption. The next is when the power of attorney is transferred to the shstriyar. Earlier those days it was the tradition of the father himself to do the AyushHomam completely. Since today’s parents doesn’t have the required knowledge in the vedas, the Brahmins/shastriyars do it on their behalf

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After the Ganeshapooja is done, Sanjeevani which is the special place for god in the agni is invoked and offered their place in the Eastern Mandapam specially made for them. The main shastriyar attend the agnikundam whereas the other two pray to the sanjeevani and the kalasham. The sacred pyre is re4kidnled with various offerings made of honey,sugar and ghee. During Kammahdya they halt and ask the parents to pray for their child’s wellbeing and life. It is believed that the gods are at their utmost generous peak during this home, so praying to them will assure to grant them the blessing.


This is concluded by giving a poornahuti, arthi and presenting the thambulam to the agni. At the end, all the elders are invited to bless the child.

Ayush Homam in the case of newly born babies are performed in a more extravagant way. The baby is dressed up with a silk or a grand attire usually as he/she is the hero/heroine of the day and is made to sit in the lap of his/her father while the homam is being performed. These beautiful moments surely need to be captured as this is also considered a big day before the first birthday celebration. This is the day when the baby is mostly seen by all the kin and kith who wish for his/her well being, bless them and give out their love. So make this Ayush Homam of your baby divine and as well as unforgettable by photographing those little hands and legs moving out of joy and that cute little smile which is the splendor of the day. 

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