Multicultural Weddings

God created humans to fall in love and carry their bond till eternity through the nuptial ties. The bond of love and marriages has no distinctions and is shared by various cultures and creeds.  Each culture has its own traditions and has special ways of celebrating of combining of two souls and most of these practices are passed from generation to generation. Today’s generation of brides and grooms are finding life partners from various religions and cultures and this has given rise to multicultural weddings which is form of new expression of identity, faith and culture and traditions. The core etiquette of a multicultural wedding is treating others with equal respect and consideration.  It is to celebrate the differences.

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When both of them are from distinctive cultural backgrounds, fitting in their individual traditions into the wedding scenes is the bridge which connects the gaps between both the families. The blend of old traditions with its modern counterpart can enlighten and deepen an already delightful event.  The unification of cultures brings together two culturally distinctive families together and makes them learn and understand about each other’s traditions through a wedding. Mostly multicultural weddings would have both the traditions. For example an Indo-American wedding would generally have the traditions of both the American and Indian counterpart. According to the American tradition there would exist a typical church wedding and similarly according to Indian tradition they also get wedded in the front of pyre or Agni following the rituals. Doesn’t it sound fascinating? You know what is much more fascinating? Even right from the wedding to music to food they serve would have blend of both cultures. They treat their guests with multiple cuisines to pull in that feel for the whole day.

The location plays a very important role when it comes to wedding. It should be within vicinity where the guest can easily commute and bless the couple. The same applies for a multi cultural wedding too but there could be minute changes from a regular wedding. The wedding can happen in two different places in two different occasions if the bride and groom are desperate to celebrate their weddings in their origin cities. This makes it even more enjoyable as it includes travelling to new place and learning new cultures and practices. Experiencing an American Church wedding would be an entirely new and a beautiful experience for Indians who has only seen a classic south Indian or North Indian wedding. The moments in a Church wedding would be even more special and distinctive for the bride and groom, right from exchange of rings and the subtle sharing of kiss. When each and every part of this is rightly captured, these make the beautiful ones to be framed for life time. I know the urge of many Indians to have a church wedding after binge watching VTV :P. Similarly the other culture people have a very keen interest on our Indian culture. The love for Indian Culture in abundant overseas, so they are desperate to learn our rituals and practices. Through this Nuptial tie it’s not only two souls who are becoming one but also turns to be a cultural fuse. It’s always beautiful to see the foreigners in our Indian attire that too Traditional Indian attire. So this wedding is definitely going to be a bomb of happiness and joy. Amidst all the distinctions and difference lies just one thing. It is love.