Photshoot in Mahabalipuram.

Photoshoot in Mahabalipuram.

When we received an enquiry from the United Kingdom to do a pre-wedding photo shoot in Chennai, little did we expect that we would end up producing such magical images? It might sound a bit ironic & funny but in spite of doing over 30+ pre-wedding couple shoots in Chennai, this is our first ever photo shoot in Mahabalipuram! One main reason why we avoided to shoot in the most hyped Shore temple in Mahabalipuram was it had become such a cliched spot! But we were wrong for all these years and as mentioned in the Bible There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens and we had to wait for all these years for a couple from London to take us to the classic Shore temple which was lying next door.

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As photographers what we love to capture is not the typical couple poses in front of monuments but magical, candid moments of the couple, which we believe is the most challenging thing to do and with a classic background like the shore temple it makes it even more majestic.

Though each and every shoot that we do is special, some shoots are even more special. From early morning shots in Mahabalipuram to other locations in Chennai, making a wedding invite and finally taking a picture with Chennai's own AUTORIKSHA! 

From referring some of the famous pre-wedding shoots in the shore temple, we guess these pictures will be used as a reference.

We sincerely thank the couple for travelling all the way to India to do a pre-wedding shoot here in Chennai - choosing us, over other premier wedding photographers in India and most importantly deciding to do a Photoshoot in Mahabalipuram.