Love for Madras in print!

Our Love for Madras Printed

We have’’t been blogging for a while and we are back with some good but old news :) Our love for Madras is now printed! We are glad and super excited to share the news that one of our recent works for Madras Inherited has been featured in the India Today (September 17th 2018).

Check out our Documentary Works here

Photographs by Binsan Oommen, Triple O pixcel and Sujith Kumar, Incognito Frames and

This is our first major press release since 2014. Delighted to share the link here. We thank Madras Inherited for giving us an opportunity to shoot this timeless classic architecture. Looking forward to shoot more of Madras.


Check out Madras inherited, a group which takes you for heritage walks, check out their facebook or Instagram page for updates on their upcoming walks. This is something you shouldn’t miss if you are an architect student or if you love the old world charm or even if you are deeply in love with Madras, just like us.