The Outburst of Emotions for the Bride

Wedding is certainly one of the biggest days in a girl’s life. It brings along with it lots of excitement and happiness. But, it also brings along a sadness of too. In simple terms, it can be said that a wedding brings mixed emotions in a girl’s life.

When, a girl’s marriage is fixed, she gets really excited. But, at the same time, she gets nervous too. The excitement is all about entering into a new phase of life, taking new responsibilities etc. The reasons behind nervousness is how they are going to adjust to this new life. The courtship phase is quite an interesting phase. You get to go on dates, have late night long chats and lots of sweet talks without the fear of being caught or seen by your parents or any other relatives or friends.

When it is time for wedding shopping, bewilderment surrounds the bride-to-be. What to buy? What not to buy? Which jewellery is trending. Which hairstyle will look good on her? Which venue to book for wedding? What should be the menu? And, the list goes on. Decision fatigue is another emotion which a bride-to-be faces during her wedding shopping. What if her dress looks too red or too white? Which songs to choose for the performance and so on.

It is the complete moment of joy, when the bride is close to tying the knot with her groom. She knows, her day dreaming phase is over. The day for which she has dreamt since her teen-age days is finally here. No more confusion regarding what costume to wear or what jewellery to put on. Now it is time to take wedding vows and get the last name of your groom. It is indeed a very joyous moment for every bride.

Panic is another emotion which a bride often faces during her wedding celebration. She can literally panic about everything and anything right from her dress not reaching on time to her mehndi not being perfect.

However, this joyous moment is followed by a sad moment when the bride realises that she no more will share the last name of her father. She now has to leave the house of her father and take responsibility of a new home. However, amidst this sadness, there is bit of happiness too that she would now be leaving with her soulmate who will take care of her with love in both good as well as bad times.

In the end it can be said that a wedding is not just a union of two souls or families, it is also the journey of the bride from the arms of her beloved parents to the arms of her husband. This journey is quite an emotional one which comprises of happiness, sadness and lot of other emotions in between. However, feeling up and down is quite a normal thing for a bride and this is what makes the entire journey very interesting.