Simple stage decors

Stage Decors!  

Marriage never feels truly complete without the interiors and decorations. Even though your marriage is planned simple, these decorations will definitely outshine if done perfectly and make yours a dream wedding. Wedding decorations aren’t as easy as you think. It requires a lot of innovative thoughts and deliberate preparations. So before planning your wedding decoration you are expected to have some basic decor knowledge.



The first thing to focus is what should you actually decorate? Don’t decorate every nook and corner and make the whole lot look clumsy. This definitely wouldn’t make any impact as long you focus on basic wedding decorations.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations:

First lets start with the ceremony. The ceremony is the core part of the wedding, as its the moment when two souls are united through the sacred bond of marriage. Such an overwhelming moment in a person’s life can only be completed with a breathtaking setup, don’t you think so? Never over look these important elements to create an alluring backdrop which complements your solemn vows.

This entirely depends upon the wedding venue you have opted for. There are different ideas for wedding ceremony entrance area. In case of church weddings, it can be marked by simple church doors, even a simple gate or even big flower vases. Whatever the venue is don’t make the entrance look plain. Decorate them with flowers, party ribbons or any other elements. If a cooler code or theme is followed the same colour can be used for the decoration and it will give a beautiful sync.

The aisle or the wedding area can be decorated with simple flowers, instead of being left plain. In Hindu weddings they decorate the aisle in a very grand manner, as it is going to be the place where most of the ceremonies are going to take place. The bride and groom would also feel special and warm to sit amidst such a beautifully decorated aisle.

Pew decorations are nothing but the decorations put on both the sides of the chairs. Obviously this will make the wedding venue look more attractive and welcoming. Chair decorations are a must, as it is considered as a sign of welcoming the guests.

The Wedding reception decoration:

More people are going to thrive in for the reception than the wedding, so it is necessary to make it look even more breathtaking.

The stage is the focal point of every wedding reception. In fact many professional decors suggest to allocate the biggest budget for the stage. There is no surprise as you stage to going to serve as the main focus throughout the event and will the backdrop for your wedding photo. So make it exotic as you can

Lighting plays an essential part. Dim lighting in some place will make the whole venue look magnificent will give a special touch to your guests. It is best if the lighting designer and decorator work together so that you would get the best results in both together.

Last and final is the crockery or the diners. Many don’t give much time for these, but this is also a very essential part of decoration. The bowls, plates and spoons used must look neat and clean and should be arranged in a disciplined array so that the guest can help themselves with a satisfied dinner.