Qawwali nights

Qawwali Nights | The Rage of Themed-Based

Musical Nights at Weddings

Indian Weddings are all about bringing people from different cities to one place. Weddings are all about gathering together to have a big gala time with your close ones in family and friends. Weddings are all about making new memories with your clan of people every second. So, this wedding season, what have you planned that stands out and also keeps your guests engaged?

Lately, the themed-based evening events are doing the magic. From a South-Indian meal to a qawwali night to retro gatherings, this keeps the guests all energized and they look forward to these themed-based gatherings to make most of the memories on, because, the outfit is different, the atmosphere is different, and above all the energy levels are different.

Talking about Qawwali Nights, we see most of the weddings are today based on Sufi-Punjabi music genre. Qawwali is one of the popular music types in South Asia and many parts of North India. The weddings today are looking forward to such fun-gatherings, and therefore Qawwali night tops the list, as it has the Indian touch in terms of decoration and dressing, all age groups enjoy this music genre.

Qawwali Night can be well-planned in advance by organizing a troop of Qawwali experts come over and create magic around the guests and set the entire music mode. Qawwali Night is only going to be a fun and memorable moment when the guests involved, sing along with everyone. So, to this, the best way would be to organize some fun games to ensure every guest at the event is not spared to boredom and is a complete part of all the fun events and games. To do this, the best way would be that you can divide the guests into two groups such as the Team Bride and Team Groom and have a competition amongst them to see which team wins. Moreover, to add the Qawwali pinch, you can organize for the essential thing, the Qawwali Hats in two different colors to distinguish the teams. The Qawwali Hats are going to keep the photographs coming!

Apart from this, the organizers can also organize for a Qawwali Moment Photo Booth,  where professional wedding photographers and candid photographers can capture beautiful moments of groups of people. From couples to friends, to families can come, choose a Qawwali prop, and pose. The organizers will have to arrange for a few props related to Qawwali, where guests can go, pose for the picture perfect moment, and get immediate copies of their photographs. The purpose of this entire night is to have fun and create a memorable night for all the guests out there!

Also, organizers should ensure that there’s some good live Qawwali music, followed by a good meal. Organizers should look at the minute aspects of organizing a theme-based Qawwali night. From the decorations to the way of serving, to the caterers, to the return gifts, everything must carry the Qawwali touch. This well-planned event will definitely raise up the bars and keep the memories intact for a lifetime.

From live music to games, to photo-booths, to delicious meal, the event will come to an end, but the way of organizing it will remain fresh forever. Also, if the guests are not able to come to the photo-booth and click amazing moments, the photographers will ensure to bring them up or capture beautiful moments.

So, if your wedding season is nearing and if you haven’t planned anything then there is nothing you need to worry about. The Qawwali Night can be planned in just a few minutes. Therefore, look ahead at planning for a Qawwali night just a day before the wedding for all the guests to engage, get to know each other, and also bond. So, all the very best at planning the Qawwali moment of the day for all your guests, because, this event is definitely going to light up the mood just a day before the wedding. Go on and plan now!