Our share in the Internet

Our first affair - Social Media

Recently our website got listed in the front page of google for some of the best keywords in wedding photography business, immediately it was noticed and our fellow photographers called upon us to congratulate and everyone unanimously wanted to know which marketing company was behind this and who is planning our social media campaigns, Unlike many Top-notch wedding photographers in Chennai, we don't have a team to run our social media campaigns, be it posting on the right time in facebook. adding Instagram stories, tweeting or adding pins on Pinterest boards, its all done by us. 

Right from day 1, we loved this social media and we are still madly in love with this explosive and expanding world, It been more than a decade since we started our relationship with the social media, back then, "social media" itself was not a widely used term was not a common term, Flickr was our only window into the photography world. Today it's not that common to find someone with a Flickr account, Instagram among other young apps which have revolutionized the idea of publishing images has made photography more open to a layman. When we use the term laymen, we are not belittling an armature or a photography enthusiast, we were once one among those beginners too, who dreamed of clicking one picture with a DSLR forget shooting an event.    

The tricky part is, it loves you back only when you are spend time with it :) the moment you are not updated with your social media skills, it leaves you behind and doesn't wait! it is like being in a relationship with an extremely possessive boyfriend/girlfriend who always wants attention, the moment it feels it doesn't get the attention - the relationship ends.

Though we have been planning for a consistent campaign, we were unable to update our social media contents often other than our Instagram profile, 

This year 2018, we have decided to spend more time with our love, so more blogs, more tweets, and more stories coming your way! and above all, we are laying the foundation for our documentary projects and we are starting our chapter with exhibitions and publishing. each and everything will be updated in our Google+ facebook page and in our website here.