An awesome year 2017

A Great Year!  


The year 2017 has been the year of "kids" for us. Just like how Chinese have a year for everything, as we write this blog, This year we have done 17 First birthday shoots and plenty of kids related shoots like casual outdoor shoots, Baptism, Upanayanam, Ayush Homam and Naming ceremony, in fact it was only in this year, that we came to know that there are so many events related to kids alone!!. It all started on January 7th, our first shoot of this year was for darling Areeza, a first birthday shoot in Bangalore and we believe that all the kids shoot that we keep doing are because of the "Areeza Effect" not only her images have added charm to our kids gallery but in some ways she has become our lucky charm! January 7th, 2018 we will be in Bangalore again to shoot her second birthday celebration 

Wedding Photography is our USP. We did some great weddings this year, definitely more than the previous year, wedding in new cities, surprisingly we went to Trichy again and again. We did our first multi-racial wedding, and it was as fun as we always thought it would be, where a European bride and a Tamil groom tied the knot. And we almost did an international wedding in London but nevertheless we have been getting a few international enquiries, thanks to our website :) This year did a few commercial events other than our weddings and kids shoots, we did a sports event, photo walks and a few corporate shoots and the icing on the cake came by the end of this year where we successfully shot and live telecasted christ church anglo Indian higher secondary school, Madras' 175th founders day celebrations and a reunion which was historic and HUGE! we are writing a separate blog on the magnum-opus. on the last three days of the year, we did 2 weddings and photo documentary! In one word, this year has been "FANTASTIC"

COME 2018, we will be kicking starting some of the new projects which were always in the pipeline, Photo-stories, and Documentaries, our work will be more visible than ever before in the social media, which means more blogs and we will be furiously instagramming too! 


The moral of the story that we learned this year is there is no replacement for hard work, whether it is in improving your skills or if you are planning a long-term social media strategy if one is determined, honest and dedicated, then everything will fall into places. 


We thank everyone who hired us, who referred us (and still referring us) and all those people who wanted to hire us, Wishing everyone a great and a prosperous New year!