Recreating the old magic

Recreating the old Magic | Album Restoration 

It was only recently that in this part of the world, we have woken up and understood the importance of the preserving and digitally restoring old movies - classics. Just like how some of our yesteryears classics are digitally remastered and re-released, we had an opportunity to digitally remaster an album from the 80's! 

A gala wedding in Vaitheeswaran, beautifully shot by a studio from Madras ( which doesn't exist anymore)  We had to convert the hard copy into high-resolution images, without damaging the old album, process each and every image and design the album without killing the old world charm that was very much visible in every picture.

Though we prefer the English layouts where images shot are given more prominence than the designs used on the album, here, we decided to go with lighter tones to suit the film tones of those years and we felt redesigning with any other design won't do justice to an event that was held 30 years back in the backdrop of a traditional south Indian wedding.

We have started working on more restoring works this year mainly damaged images and converting old VHS to MP4 but this was our first experience in converting an album which was more challenging and definitely more satisfying.


We were able to successfully remaster the album because of the way the pictures were shot and one main reason is the album was maintained and preserved in good condition, which allowed us to use 97% of the images that were in the album


4 Easy tips for preserving your album

  1. Double check if your/guest's hands are dry and be extra careful if you have long fingernails.

  2. Don't expose the album to direct sunlight, doesn't matter which brand of album you own. 

  3. It is best advised to keep your album flat instead of keeping it vertical as there is more possibility of adding pressure to the album's spine. 

  4. Follow the step 1,2 & 3. :p

old album-to-new-album.jpg