A Flamboyant Anglo-Indian Wedding in Chennai.

Anglo Indian wedding in Chennai.

Its been a while since we wrote a blog and its been a long time since we published our last complete photo story from a wedding. Its December again and we are wrapping the year with another classy Christian wedding! Anglo Indian weddings is something which was missing in our portfolio for long long time. We have shot close to one hundred weddings across all major traditions and customs and to the best of our knowledge an Anglo-Indian wedding is in a different league when it comes to celebrations!! We shot this wedding only yesterday (more pictures will be updated in this blog shortly) but couldn’t wait to share the pictures. If weddings are meant to be celebrations then Anglo Indian weddings are superlative! Without a doubt the most flamboyant wedding of the year. See for yourself why we call this “A Picturesque Anglo Indian wedding in Chennai.”

bride and groom anglo.jpg
bride and groom's dance.jpg

Blogging regularly and other lofty promises.

Blogging regularly or posting often in the social media is just like hitting the gym! The number of promise we make would be the lesser than the number of times you hit the gym.

Sadly for us and our friends who are into wedding photography, that has been the case. When we started our website back in 2014, even before putting up our wedding gallery in place, we had posted our first blog titled "Indian weddings" before we revamped to this sleek looking current design incognitoframes.org had posts going live regularly.

Our blogs has played a vital role in bringing us clients. Over a period of time we started doing more and more wedding assignments and our blogs posts seemed to have slowed down and this year has been our best in terms of number of weddings we did get accolades in the international wedding photography community and the staggering number of kids related shoots that we have done but almost hitting a low in posting blogs.

We love blogging and this blog is a reminder to ourself that we should blog regularly, come what may. So we are not going to wait for January to kick-start our blogs, we are starting right now.

Lathish's Birthday Montage

Shot against many odds! Lithish turns one is our recent favouties in our growing list of first birthday motages. This was our 20th first birthday shoot of the year. Location: Feathers Hotel, Stage decoration: Funtastic Birthdays.

Music Courtesy: Kangal Neeye - G V Prakash Kumar (Cover by Sithara Krishnakumar) Original Song Credits Composer: G V Prakash Kumar Singer: Sithara Krishnakumar Lyrics: Thamarai Mixed and Mastered by Ramu Raj at Aum Studios Piano: Ramu Raj Album: Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal Montage: Locations: Feathers Chennai & Semmozhi Poonga Stage Decors: Funtastic Birthdays Cinematography & Editing: B.Gopalakrishnan Directed by: Sujith

Love for Madras in print!

Our Love for Madras Printed

We have’nt been blogging for a while and we are back with some good but old news :) Our love for Madras is now printed! We are glad and super excited to share the news that one of our recent works for Madras Inherited has been featured in the India Today (September 17th 2018).

Check out our Documentary Works here

Photographs by Sujith Kumar, Incognito Frames and Binsan Oommen, Triple O pixcel

This is our first major press release since 2014. Delighted to share the link here. We thank Madras Inherited for giving us an opportunity to shoot this timeless classic architecture. Looking forward to shoot more of Madras.

Link: https://www.pressreader.com/india/india-today/20180917/282497184551360

Check out Madras inherited, a group which takes you for heritage walks, check out their facebook or Instagram page for updates on their upcoming walks. This is something you shouldn’t miss if you are an architect student or if you love the old world charm or even if you are deeply in love with Madras, just like us.