The Most Entertaining shoot!

So the dumdumdum is over!! What next? The honeymoon of course! But before that, won’t you love to have a post wedding shoot? I know the next question which pops up is what is this post-wedding shoot? When the big day finally arrives all the joy and delight in the air is easily tangible. The phase of getting dressed up is going to be the most tiring though enthusiastic phase. Hair-check, dress-check, make up check and now you can ready steady PO!! Then comes the haaertiest congratulations, big emotional speeches from your parents and lastly some close embraces. Once the joyful tears has been shed, then the all Day standing in the reception is another phase. Throughout the day it is filled with yummy food, entertainment, loud music and even some real surprises. So in between all these activities, couples these days are dedicating the remaining hours for a photo shoot to capture the just married of their best moments in their wedding. They want the rare moments to be captured for life time as time flies easily, how big the day is. Couples now days ask for a post-wedding shoots which is a boundless additional to the wedding day candids of the bride groom.

This day would be totally filled with intimate togetherness and it is the photo shoot, which is the main for the day. Pamper yourself with several beautiful moments and get it captured in the front of the camera which will yield you a delightful meaning for life time. Hold each other at your best without hesitating, no one is watching you except the lens, capture the deepest moments now because now you both are husband and wife. Plan this day as a surprise for your husband or wife and enjoy their anticipation on its arrival. These pictures would be your biggest treasures even when you look it up on your 50th anniversary.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom usually need to be conscious while taking pictures as they need to look after their suits and lehengas which needs to remain perfect for the day. So they move very carefully and consciously while taking pictures. They also need to take care about their eyes and face make up as it is a big day which could make them tired easily, so they appear very reserved in front of the camera. The pictures which are taken during the pre wedding shoots or the engagement sessions is also precious and make sweet memories. Each wedding shoot has its own beauty.

The post wedding shoot’s specialty is that it’s the time for the bride groom to leave all the hesitation and focus on making the pictures lovely by showcasing love to each other. No more heavy tuxedos or lehengas. Dress up however you want , even your casual boxers would make you look the best with your wife wearing a casual gowns. The location is absolutely your choice and we leave it to you. Whether it’s a breezy beach or a trip to Manali or in the forest trails, its absolutely your choice. Imagine those barefoot walks or holding hands together in the plunge of waves being photographed. Those candid moments are definitely going to be your memorable possessions. So call us anywhere you want and it’s our pleasure to make your moments special.


The Magnificence of Temple weddings

The Magnificence of Temple weddings

Starting from The Mangalyam thanthunaanenaam  from Alaypayudhe to The Ullam paadum paatu from the movie 2 states have made us fall in love with the concept of Temple weddings.  Oh what a glory? What a tradition? and What a culture? Is what the beauty and splendor of temple weddings make us rekindle all the time? Earlier temple weddings were considered as an age-old tradition which was replaced by luxurious wedding halls in the middle but the age-old culture is again being reborn. We are the generation who reintroduces all retro back with modern refinish. This practice is seen right from clothing to even architecture. We fall in love with what was being called old once upon a time and makes the saying “Old is gold” come true. Earlier those days there weren’t any big wedding halls or party halls as today, so it was mandatory for any marriage to take place inside a temple amongst the blessings of god/goddesses; it was also considered a sacred practice amongst the people.  Earlier those days’ marriages took place in the nearest temple to the village but the concept which is again reintroduced today has brought a trendy twist.

Today they select a temple which is architectonically perfect with flawless interiors resembling our tradition in a scintillating manner. For this, they don’t even bother about the proximity, even if the temple is miles away from their city they call it destination wedding and invite their friends and relatives to that respective city. People in India are always ready to spend on weddings as it is definitely a onetime event in anyone’s life and they want it to be as memorable as it can be. The venue selection is usually made with precision as their dream journey of life is going to start from this place. Movies play an important role in influencing today’s generation of different types of weddings. India is remarkably famous for its evergreen monuments and spectacular Hindu shrines. Previously temples were not only considered the place of worship but it was also a place where one would gain knowledge and culture and preach the same to others. They are sanctified buildings were one would attain positivity and eternal happiness. In that way, India is replete with temples built with pure architectural brilliance and aesthetic interiors. So the knot of love getting tied in these temples adds a special meaning to the solemn vows you exchange. India’s best heritage temples which are the best destination for the union of two souls include Ajanta Caves, Brihadeshwara temple, Khajuraho Temples and Konark sun temple.


These temples of India are ideal venues which are considered an abode of divine and serenity. The admirable architecture is complemented by a heavenly ambiance and they exhibit the rich culture and traditions of India.They grab your attention by their ornamental designs, intrinsic detailing and precisely carved tombs which lift the temples majestically.

It’s now days not only the South Indians or the North Indians who are attracted but also the Westerners who are equally interested in our temple weddings. The weddings shot amidst the beautiful serene ambiance and majestic architecture is anyone’s dream come true.

Birthday invite!

A Birthday day invite!

Kids shoot is getting bigger and bigger, especially 1st birthday celebrations! The bandwidth of a first birthday celebration is what wedding was a decade ago.

Recently we had noticed that no other wedding photographers in Chennai have posted so many posts in their websites or on Instagram and Facebook pages about kids and kids photography they way we have done.

 We have dedicated a page for kids portraits, birthdays and there are plenty of blogs on kids shoots in our blog feed, in fact, the biggest cloud in our blogs are "kids" And now we are conscious that we should have more breaks in between posting kids posts but going by the rate of kids shoots we have been doing, that seems to be a very difficult task. In fact our Youtube channel has more kids montages than wedding films

Last year we did 17 birthday shoots and many kids related events like Baptism, Upanayanm, Naming ceremony and Ayush Homam apart from plenty of kids portrait sessions. As we are inching towards our 50th Kids Shoot, we got a great opportunity to do our first ever birthday invite! 

Till a couple of years back there was a trend of inviting guests through a designer picture with all the details in it and later an animated video invite and now a video invite is slowly taking over that space.

This month another young client is celebrating his big, we also did a fabulous portrait session which will be published very shortly. Have a look at this fabulous 1st birthday invite which did for Advaith!  

Mixed emotions..

What A Bride Feels!

I am Engaged. I am getting Married. When a girl says this, as much as she sounds happy, there is a lot that is running in her mind. She feels happy, sad, nervous and much more. Because being a bride is not an easy thing! Be it love marriage or an arranged marriage, in a wedding, especially in an Indian wedding, a bride is always under a pressure of being accepted. Along with the acceptance comes the scene of adapting to a new family, new people and a new lifestyle.

Imagine one fine day, you no longer wake up in your bed, you no longer get to see your parents daily. Well, this is a change a girl, a bride fears. Because it is not easy. Everything changes, from basic cupboards to a completely new family. You don’t know how their nature is, what they like, dislike etc. But not to worry because this feeling is also a special one. The rush of mixed emotions is because we are starting a new life. A life that might bring in change but give us a new family who will love you for what you are. A woman is blessed to be a part of two families because a woman can keep both the families happy and take good responsibility.


Gone are the days, where women need to surrender their lives to their partners and his family. Lately, women manage two families, work, and house responsibilities. With technology, you can always stay connected to anyone you want. From families to friends to ex-colleagues. Be positive about the outlook, because what you think will help you feel good.

As the date gets closer and the shopping phase ends, every member of the family starts to make you realize that you will soon be gone, and that makes you all emotional. Because the pampering and the bond that you would share with your siblings and your parents will be something different after the wedding. Also, you are all stressed worrying about everything falling in place and nothing to go wrong during the ceremonies. But, it’s ok, the families will take complete care of it. All you need to do is stay calm and create the charm with your beautiful outfits and makeup.

A partner who promises to make you feel better in your bad times, a partner who believes in you, is what every girl wishes from her partner. The early few days might seem like new and different, but at the end, you will meet ends and accept the new family as your family and you will be able to mix well with the other members of the family. So, this is a beginning to a happily ever after. So smile, be happy, excited, because happy brides make the prettiest brides of all times!