Family portraits!

Family portrait photography

A family portrait is an important thing every family should capture once in a lifetime. As a family is the closest thing to every individual. We grow together, we laugh together, we celebrate together, we face problems together, and in the midst of all this there are a million moments that always stay in our minds forever. Be it the grandparents, the parents, the siblings, the aunt and uncle, the cousins, everyone plays a special role to make the entire family a great one. Moments of togetherness is an asset that has to be captured and cherished for a long time.


With wonderful family members, one will certainly want to cherish each moment and remember every one of them who has made the family a wonderful one. As time passes, our families will grow together and build bonds with one another, and to have such a beautiful relationship with each family member needs to capture with a perfect Family Photography which can be converted into a Family Portrait. Here’s how you can make the best of Family photos:


Family Portraits

The most wonderful thing about every picture is that it gives everyone a moment to relive, a moment to cherish, a moment that definitely adds joy to your lives. Every family picture will show the affection, the bonding between the family members, and it will definitely have a story behind a perfect family picture

●        An annual thing: Many families make family portrait a yearly ritual. As families grow every year, a new member joins or a little one pops out, families grow every year. To capture the yearly growth, the in-depth bonding, it is a great thing to capture a family portrait every year. Try this and you will be surprised how your little one grows faster, and how wise you grow as you age!

●        A celebration must-have: When your little princess turns 1, when your boy wins the cricket match, or when your family business takes a milestone, aren’t these a moments to be celebrated? Yes, they are! Celebrate and capture the wonderful smiles of your dear ones and turn them into a perfectly happy family portrait.

●        Relish every moment of joy: With camera phones, and the rage of selfies and groupies, it is always the handy thing to capture the best moments of life. Every small moment of joy with family members has to be captured instantly and they will soon turn into wonderful pages of memories.

At the end, families are the most wonderful thing, and every individual who has a family should consider themselves as fortunate to be around elders, teens, and children. So, do not wait for the perfect moment, capture those wonderful family moments, and ensure every family member has a perfect and favourite family portrait.


At the end, families are the most wonderful thing, and every individual who has a family should consider themselves as fortunate to be around elders, teens, and children. So, do not wait for the perfect moment, capture those wonderful family moments, and ensure every family member has a perfect and favourite family portrait.


If you do not believe in selfies and groupies, block a time for a perfect family photo shoot, and make this photo shoot a moment of celebration, togetherness, and everlasting love between every family member.

We at incognito frames, love doing kids portrait sessions and last year we did close 25 kids related shoots - Birthday photography, outdoor kids shoot, Baptism, Upanayanam and Naming ceremonies. For more beautiful images on kids photography in Chennai, check out our kids gallery and Instagram page.


The Mehndi thing..

Mehandi and its tryst with Indian Weddings

The Beauty Of Mehndi During Weddings!

“Mehndi adorns the hands and life takes a new color!”

The Hindu women believe that Mehndi is a blessing. For any auspicious function, they apply the Mehndi to show their love, joy, and celebration. Every Hindu Wedding has an extravagant Mehndi Ceremony for the Bride and the guests to apply the Mehndi.



Bridal Mehndi:

The Bride applies the Mehndi that tells a story. Yes, in Gujaratis and Marwaris the Bridal Mehndi is not just Mehndi but it has a story behind the design. The entire Wedding is written through the Mehndi that is drawn on the Bride’s hand. Figures like Ganeshji depicts that the wedding is done with the blessing of Lord Ganesha. The groom and the bride image depicts the bond of the two souls that will be one. The Tabla, Shehnai, depicts the celebration of the wedding. The Doli depicts that the Bride sits on it and goes to her new place which she has to take care of. Isn’t this a beauty? While applying the Mehndi, the other women sing Mehndi related songs and add charm to the function.

Mehndi Ceremony:

Without music and dance, none of the functions are complete. So, with Mehndi ceremony, the bridesmaids and the family members perform a few dances to uplift the celebration. With tabla being played, and Punjabi mehndi songs are played, the guests dance together and make the entire function overwhelming. There is absolutely no fun if there’s no music and dance, so the next mehndi ceremony put on the music, and get the guests dancing!

Mehndi Photography:

Bridal Mehndi is once a living thing, so why not capture it? While the bride is applying the mehndi the photographers capture these precious mehndi moments. The shy and the blush on the bride’s face, the happiness and a bit of sadness on the Father’s face knowing that her little princess will be gone soon, the mother’s love, the celebrations by the bridesmaids and the guests. Be it a Hindu Wedding or a Traditional Mulsim Wedding, the wedding photographer will capture the beautiful shots of the Mehndi once applied and also once the mehndi adds colors to the bride’s hands. They say the darker the color, the pure the love of the two souls is.

How is the Mehndi Ceremony performed?

A day before the Wedding, the Mehndi ceremony is scheduled. A mehndi artist is booked well in advance both for the bride and the guests. The bride applies the mehndi in both her hands and her feet, as this is the sign of a true bride and she is coloring herself red with the color of the Mehndi. The Mehndi that is applied on the bride’s hand is sent from the groom's end, where the Henna is scrubbed and made into a paste that can be applied. After applying the mehndi, the bride leaves it till sunset or up till next day for the color to rise to the darkest possible.

Types of Mehndi:

●        The Bridal Mehndi is one type that is applied to the Bride only as it has a story to tell!

●        The Bombay Mehndi design is drawing intricate fine arts design pattern in the hands of the guest or close family members.

●        The Arabic Mehndi Design is a basic design that gives the conventional edge to the hands of the guest.

The wedding season is here, let the mehndi ceremony do wonder with the best mehndi artist, music, food, and guests! The essential thing that one should not miss out on is, allowing the wedding photographer capture the best moments of the Bridal Mehndi shots and the other moments of celebration during the mehndi ceremony.

3 Things that can create great Wedding Photographs

The trinity of wedding photography 

Wedding photography has become a very important ingredient in Indian Weddings. A decade ago it was the venue and the artists' performing at a wedding which decided the scale of the wedding, now, wedding photographers are part of that elite list and on many occasions even gets featured in the wedding invites!  

Every couple wants picturesque collections from their wedding and wants to proudly share their wedding pictures on Facebook and Instagram. So what makes some pictures amazing and some "regular" wedding images?

A photographer is an artist, but an artist with limitations, particularly when it comes to wedding photography. Do not compare his/her freedom with that of a painter or a designer who owns the canvas to brush his creativity. Each wedding is held in its own way even if two weddings follow the same traditions, customs, and rituals. For great wedding photographs you need great wedding photographers, no doubt, but hiring a great wedding photographer for your event alone will not get you great images, so let's go back the question, what makes great wedding images? In our experience as a team of wedding photographers who have covered over 75 wedding and other lifestyle events, we have what we think can make great wedding photographs 

It's the little thing that matters the most

The Atmosphere -(Adj)

Do not confuse the atmosphere with the venue. The lifeless concrete structures come to life depending on how a guest enjoys the evening, a happy ambiance is a great field for amazing photographs be it a wedding venue or a cricket ground. 

This is a classic example of a great atmosphere, a traditional Muslim wedding in Chennai, on the last day of the year, the groom's sister had arranged a surprise message for the newlyweds from their relatives all over the world, who couldn't make it to the wedding, the video message - mostly pun and some emotional messages,  give scope for plenty of candid moments to be shot, what could have been another reception, turned out to be a great night! 

Check out the complete image set in our upcoming blog: Muslim Wedding Photography

Check out the complete image set in our upcoming blog: Muslim Wedding Photography

The Ambience

The beautiful open corridor at Greenpark, Chennai

The beautiful open corridor at Greenpark, Chennai

You cannot escape the ambiance when you are doing wedding photography, it's not about a plush, 7 stars hotel that we are talking about but even a simple temple wedding can look exotic when arranged with an aesthetic eye, the most common misconception when we discuss stage decorations" is spending a lot of money, choosing the right venue for your event, keeping in mind the number of guests you are expecting on your big day makes a lot of difference, overall decorations of the venue, can make some great visuals and increase the scope for great wedding photography.

And of course the couple!     

Nothing much to say about the obvious. The way a couple carries themselves can make or break the event, in other words, wedding photography is going to be bride and groom centric, their confidence, attitude and how expressive they are - all counts in making lovely wedding photographs. 

We have done more than a dozen post/pre-wedding shoots in Marina beach and this is one of our all-time favorite picture, a German bride, and a Tamil groom! Though their expressions are not visible in the picture the confidence, joy and how comfortable they are in front of the camera is something amazing! Even if the same pose is tried on different couples it is difficult to get the same result. 

We have done plenty of shoots in Marina Beach. Though the couple's expression is not visible in the picture, their body language convey's how the enjoy the shoot

We have done plenty of shoots in Marina Beach. Though the couple's expression is not visible in the picture, their body language convey's how the enjoy the shoot

The Internet

Our first affair - Social Media

Recently our website got listed in the front page of google for some of the best keywords in wedding photography business, immediately it was noticed and our fellow photographers called upon us to congratulate and everyone unanimously wanted to know which marketing company was behind this and who is planning our social media campaigns, Unlike many Top-notch wedding photographers in Chennai, we don't have a team to run our social media campaigns, be it posting on the right time in facebook. adding Instagram stories, tweeting or adding pins on Pinterest boards, its all done by us. 

Right from day 1, we loved this social media and we are still madly in love with this explosive and expanding world, It been more than a decade since we started our relationship with the social media, back then, "social media" itself was not a widely used term was not a common term, Flickr was our only window into the photography world. Today it's not that common to find someone with a Flickr account, Instagram among other young apps which have revolutionized the idea of publishing images has made photography more open to a layman. When we use the term laymen, we are not belittling an armature or a photography enthusiast, we were once one among those beginners too, who dreamed of clicking one picture with a DSLR forget shooting an event.    

The tricky part is, it loves you back only when you are spend time with it :) the moment you are not updated with your social media skills, it leaves you behind and doesn't wait! it is like being in a relationship with an extremely possessive boyfriend/girlfriend who always wants attention, the moment it feels it doesn't get the attention - the relationship ends.

Though we have been planning for a consistent campaign, we were unable to update our social media contents often other than our Instagram profile, 

This year 2018, we have decided to spend more time with our love, so more blogs, more tweets, and more stories coming your way! and above all, we are laying the foundation for our documentary projects and we are starting our chapter with exhibitions and publishing. each and everything will be updated in our Google+ facebook page and in our website here.