Headshot photographers in Chennai

Professional head shot photographers in Chennai. Headshots are first point of contact in the social media or official profiles make sure you get the best first impression through our head shots.Incognito frames offers top quality high resolution images for corporates, individuals and start up companies who are looking to upgrade their social media and online profiles. To make a stunning first impression with our powerful headshots. Get a professional head shot for your linked and other social media profiles shot a edited by complete professionals.


Importance of Headshots in Social Media and in other professional profiles

We’ve all heard the old adage -”Don’t judge a book by its cover”, haven’t we?Here’s another one, “What really matters is invisible to the eyes”. Noble sentiments both, they ring true for many aspects of our lives. Unfortunately though, for those of us trying to climb up the bigCorporate Jungle-gym, they aren’t really applicable at all!

It is human nature to judge others, especially on how they present themselves to the world. This cannot be more veracious when it comes to our professional network.Employers and Industry peers alike, will judge a person’s professional competency based on their Profile. Prospective employers use professional networking sites to review a candidate’s profile before making the decision to even reach out to the candidate. Your profile can dazzle those employers and draw them to you, or it can completely fizzle out any interest they might have in you. In short, your professional profile can be the key to your dream career. What do you think is the first thing that would jump out to anyone viewing your profile? Of course, It’s your Profile Picture!


Here’s a fun fact- In LinkedIn, a profile with profile picture gets viewed 21 times more than a profile with no picture. 21 times! I think we can safely assume that nobody is impressed with a blank profile pic.


But do you know what’s worse? A Bad Profile Pic. You might be a fan of graphic printed tees, but those looking to hire you wouldn’t be too thrilled to see you in a T-Shirt which says “Monday sucks”. Also,photos with close-up shots, bad angle, poor lighting, beauty cam filters and unflattering background are a big NO! All the above will certainly diminish your professional credibility making it appear to the viewers as if you don’t take your profile seriously and will leave them unimpressed. Which is why, a good professional Headshot is a MUST for any professional profile.

Your Headshot must put forth the Best version of you. It should project you as a smart, confident and driven individual, pursuing excellence in your field. A lot of this is conveyed through attire, posture and facial expression blending perfectly with the correct lighting and angle; which is why selfies may not be a good idea. When you take a selfie, you may not be able to cover all the above aspects correctly. Hence, it is recommended to get the Headshot taken by a professional Photographer.


So, what do you do to ensure that you get a great Headshot, sure to impress anyone who comes across your profile? Here’s a quote for you- “Go Big or Go home”. Don’t pull any punches and put you best foot forward when you get your Headshot taken.A few tips you might find helpful-

Attire- A smart Business suit or any other Business formals suited to your profession will definitely give you an edge. Get a background that best suits you and your attire.

Smile- Give a genuine smile! Think of something that makes you really happy and let all that Happiness show in your smile!

Always remember that YOU are your best salesman and a good professional Headshot can prove to be a very valuable pitchyou make to the Professional world.

Wishing all of you a successful career ahead!