The most Frequently Asked Questions to a Wedding Photographer 


We are a team of contemporary Indian wedding photographers and wedding filmmakers, we offer complete service in terms of covering a wedding. which includes both candid - fine art approach and documenting the event in traditional/conventional style in an Indian Wedding


  • How much do you charge ?

A Wedding quote depends on a various factors like the number of sessions we spend, to the service you opt for, to give you an idea, our pricing starts from Rupees 89,000/- for a regular Hindu Wedding which includes photography, videography and 2 Standard sized wedding albums. Mail us your requirements for exact pricing. 


  • How early should we block your dates?

The sooner the better, because we do not involve ourselves in more than one wedding in a day and we do not believe outsourcing randome people or sending a B-Team to do events on our behalf.


  • What is a session? and how is it calculated?

Usually a wedding event (Reception and Wedding ) spans for 2 Sessions - which is calculated as 8 to 10 Hours of shoot. Traditional Brahmin wedding and Muslim weddings runs up-to 4 to 5 sessions based on the rituals that is followed on the day. 


  • Do you do wedding films?

Yes we do wedding films, you can check our works in our wedding film page.


  • How many images do you shoot?

It's impossible to say the number of images we shoot, images depends on what really happens in your event and it changes from wedding to wedding even if the rituals are the same, we do not limit our self from taking pictures, our packages are based on the number of hours we spend in the venue and not on the number images we shoot. 


  • Will my images be used online?

YES, the images that we shoot will be used in our website and in our social media profiles, if you do not wish to see your images online and if you would like to make your images and videos completely private do mention that during the discussion stages. 


  •  Do you travel outside Chennai?

Yes we do. 

  • When will I get the images and videos?

A few images from the shoot will be shared with you within 1 or 3 days but please do not expect the complete images and videos to be delivered within a week even if you are flying back after your wedding. Post-production part is as important as shooting. The Documentary video will be delivered approximately within 2 weeks from the date of shoot, if you have opted for Wedding film, then it would take anywhere between 30 to 45 days. The approximate time required to complete one album is 10 days. You will receive a soft copy of the design layouts through email, in case of correction more time will be required based on the requirement. Once you approve the design, printing process will take 4 to 5 working days, in case of branded album the printing process may take up to 6 to 7 working days. No corrections can be done once the design is sent for printing


  • What about Image/Video back up?

Once we hand over the images and video files, we will have a back for a period for 2 months - from the date of delivery. We will also be explaining multiple options to have a safe back up of your chireshed memories. 


  • Do you shoot events other than weddings?

Shooting weddings is our bread and butter :)  that's what we do around the clock but yes apart from weddings we do shoot Kids Shoot,  Portfolios and Portraits. 


Incognito frames is a team of young wedding photographers in Chennai, who expertise in wedding photojournalist approach in shooting Indian Wedding, other than wedding photography, we do family and kids portraits, outdoor couple shoots and wedding films