Our Tryst with Fashion

One year back on March 5th, we at Incognito frames decided to try our first indoor fashion shoot and at then our only choice was Nichelle!! who was kind enough to join us, neither Nichelle nor our photographers had a clue of what was going around but end result was fantastic, we ended up taking some super duper cool pictures!

Here we are sharing some awesome pics from the shoot and some never before shared pictures from the shoot! This was a huge learning curve for us infact we should confess that this was our first live learning experience - by the end of 2015 we ended up taking some awesome fashion photographs and a few aspiring models refer pictures from this collection to explain what kind of images they would like to have!! This blog is dedicated to our very own Fashionista and our mascot Nichelle!

Muslim Wedding

So am i muslim wedding photographer, not yet :) but i have had the opportunity to shoot more muslim weddings that my peers, Muslim weddings are always close to my heart, one main reason is since i was born and brought up in Thousand lights which is surrounded by mosques, naturally i had affinity towards the tradition and the religious practices. Coming back to the muslim weddings, they are one of the most colourful and elaborate of weddings that happen in India, similar to a Brahmin wedding, Muslim weddings are done anywhere from 3 to 8 depending on the customs that is followed by the family, here i'm presenting some of the best muslim weddings photographs from my collection


We have had one of the best times in covering muslim weddings, a typical muslim weddings is much like a traditional brahmin weddings, which happens for three days and strictly on the instructions in the Holy Quran. Muslim Weddings are highly colourful and there is always scope for fine art moments


The camera and the cameraman

if someone had paid me every time a client asks what camera i use, i would have earned somewhere between 7000 Rupees now! when clients ask me what camera i use, i share my wedding gallery link and tell them, if you like my pictures, then i'm using the right camera,

recently i read blog where the author lists out 10 questions that you should be asking a wedding photographer, though most of them made real sense like asking the photographer regarding the deliverables - it also had a question where the client should be asking the photographer on what camera he uses! my take in the grand old question is, while hiring a wedding photographer or any photographer for that matter, you should be going through his recent works or instead of checking his equipments, because a there are high possibility that you would rate an armature as a professional by the camera he owns, Photographic equipments only tells a part of the story the real picture is always the final work that a photographer shows..


The obsession with 5D mark III

Canon's 5D Mark III is the big daddy of professional cameras that is out in the market, though i have been using 5D Mark III lately, i have heard people telling me that, oh you are using a 5D! then you should be a professional, im a professional, yes, this is what I do full time but please stop tagging me as a professional because i use Canon 5D Mark III in your weddings, i was a professional even before using a mark iii and i will remain a professional even if i switch to Canon 6d. Though the relationship between a photographer and  his camera has often been compared to a pen and an author, i completely disagree with this comparison, in my view, the relationship is like that one between an F1 driver and the driver himself, you need the best form of both but the important part is always the human not the machine.

All the images shown in this blog are taken in my beloved Canon 600D and they are one of the finest images that i have taken on any camera and of course the client's loved it

Toe Rings and the reason behind wearing it


Hindu Weddings are filled with Traditional practices, though we have a separate blog in which we will be discussing the complete nuance and the reason for most of the practice that has been followed, we will start with what is mainly practiced in Tamil Weddings, "Meti" Toe-Ring.

Unlike popular beliefs toe was worn by men in ancient and the reason why women are made to wear a toe ring is because of the scientific value. Toe ring is generally worn in the second finger, a particular never from this toe finger is responsible for regulating blood flow, most of the toe ring are made out of silver which absorbs polar energy from earth and passes on to the entire body