Our milestones with Pinterest


We have been using Pinterest for over 5 years now and its overwhelming to know that all the hard work that you put in to build a brand on social media is highly rewarding, pinterest is something which wedding photographers in Chennai or even in India for that matter, don’t really use to promote their works, our tribe believes in Facebook and Instagram.


if you have hunting for crazy ideas for your wedding poses, wedding designer wear ideas, stage decors, props ideas or anything artist and creative then do scroll through pinterest.

Do check out our page in pinterest for endless scrolls on fascinating weddings and kids portraits, hope our boards inspire you if you are looking for photography inspirations.

Our share in making things viral

If we can claim any of our work has been viral then it should be this one :), our previous experience in anything getting close to viral was this wedding invite video which we did with stop motion effect, it stumbled into Youtube’s recommended videos and till now has close to 6000 views.

Our first maternity photoshoot in Chennai ever, back in 2017. We receive mails regularly whens someone saves our pin and without a doubt this cheese picture from the maternity shoot has been the most saved picture of ours in pinterest. ironically we haven’t done many maternity shoots ever since, until recently. This pi and has been 80,000 views with over 250 saves.

More than 80,000 views and 250 saves in  Pinterest

More than 80,000 views and 250 saves in Pinterest