Post/Pre-Wedding shoot, the Most Entertaining shoot!

So the dumdumdum is over!! What next? The honeymoon of course! But before that, won’t you love to have a post wedding shoot? I know the next question which pops up is what is this post-wedding shoot? When the big day finally arrives all the joy and delight in the air is easily tangible. The phase of getting dressed up is going to be the most tiring though enthusiastic phase. Hair-check, dress-check, make up check and now you can ready steady PO!! Then comes the haaertiest congratulations, big emotional speeches from your parents and lastly some close embraces. Once the joyful tears has been shed, then the all Day standing in the reception is another phase. Throughout the day it is filled with yummy food, entertainment, loud music and even some real surprises. So in between all these activities, couples these days are dedicating the remaining hours for a photo shoot to capture the just married of their best moments in their wedding. They want the rare moments to be captured for life time as time flies easily, how big the day is. Couples now days ask for a post-wedding shoots which is a boundless additional to the wedding day candids of the bride groom.


During one of our many couple shoots in ECR, Chennai. 

During one of our many couple shoots in ECR, Chennai. 

This day would be totally filled with intimate togetherness and it is the photo shoot, which is the main for the day. Pamper yourself with several beautiful moments and get it captured in the front of the camera which will yield you a delightful meaning for life time. Hold each other at your best without hesitating, no one is watching you except the lens, capture the deepest moments now because now you both are husband and wife. Plan this day as a surprise for your husband or wife and enjoy their anticipation on its arrival. These pictures would be your biggest treasures even when you look it up on your 50th anniversary.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom usually need to be conscious while taking pictures as they need to look after their suits and lehengas which needs to remain perfect for the day. So they move very carefully and consciously while taking pictures. They also need to take care about their eyes and face make up as it is a big day which could make them tired easily, so they appear very reserved in front of the camera. The pictures which are taken during the pre wedding shoots or the engagement sessions is also precious and make sweet memories. Each wedding shoot has its own beauty.

The post wedding shoot’s specialty is that it’s the time for the bride groom to leave all the hesitation and focus on making the pictures lovely by showcasing love to each other. No more heavy tuxedos or lehengas. Dress up however you want , even your casual boxers would make you look the best with your wife wearing a casual gowns. The location is absolutely your choice and we leave it to you. Whether it’s a breezy beach or a trip to Manali or in the forest trails, its absolutely your choice. Imagine those barefoot walks or holding hands together in the plunge of waves being photographed. Those candid moments are definitely going to be your memorable possessions. So call us anywhere you want and it’s our pleasure to make your moments special.