Complete your wedding by printing an Album!

Why printing your wedding album is still relevant

First of all, we always give our clients an option to print their albums, it's not mandatory to printing album in any of our wedding packages and things blog is not to marketing strategy to print albums with us.

This blog is all about explaining the importance of having your album printed in this "Instagram age" where you wedding pics are "Whattsapped" within a day or two - We have come a long way from inset albums to the sticky albums, Karisma to synthetic and now flush mount-coffee table albums.

A decade ago, no one would have asked their wedding photographer on the kind of album they make, he simply shoots and delivers the album, with a set of images he thinks suits best. 

Taking pictures and getting your album printing are two different things today. A wedding photographer has moved away from a studio to an office unlike in the past, where you won't ask your wedding photographer "if you would do a wedding album?" Today many top wedding photographers outsource their wedding album projects and are in tie-up with many album making companies, some wedding photographers don't get involved in the process of printing albums at all. We at incognito frames have our in-house wedding album designing team to take care the designs and have our own printing labs and we are also in a tie-up with leading Indian and international album making companies which offers a WIDE variety of albums and an online back of the design in an APP which you can share your design among your friends as well as print another copy at a later date. Coming back to the question, is printing your wedding album still relevant today? The answer is an emphatic YES for 3 simple reasons.

1. There is nothing to replace a feel of a good old wedding album, which narrates the entire story without saying a word. Having a hardcopy of the album and seeing your images in print is much more satisfying than reading the comments on your facebook wall. Wedding albums that are made today are way- too-classy, life lasting and very resistant.

2. If you are storing your wedding images in a hard disk or pc, it's a bad idea, we have helped our clients retrieve their precious images since they had made just a single copy in their hard disk, if you adamant of not making an album at least have a copy online on some reputable websites. Even have multiple copies in multiple storage devices is also not a great idea. 

3. Many branded wedding album makers let you save your layout designs in their apps, which will help you reprinting someone in the future, so it doesn't matter even your wedding album is damaged physically at some point in time.

Printing your wedding album today is as relevant as it was yesterday, in this Instagram age, where you get to see your wedding image a few days from the shoot printing album might sound like an old-school idea but not really.

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