Muslim Wedding

So am i muslim wedding photographer, not yet :) but i have had the opportunity to shoot more muslim weddings that my peers, Muslim weddings are always close to my heart, one main reason is since i was born and brought up in Thousand lights which is surrounded by mosques, naturally i had affinity towards the tradition and the religious practices. Coming back to the muslim weddings, they are one of the most colourful and elaborate of weddings that happen in India, similar to a Brahmin wedding, Muslim weddings are done anywhere from 3 to 8 depending on the customs that is followed by the family, here i'm presenting some of the best muslim weddings photographs from my collection


We have had one of the best times in covering muslim weddings, a typical muslim weddings is much like a traditional brahmin weddings, which happens for three days and strictly on the instructions in the Holy Quran. Muslim Weddings are highly colourful and there is always scope for fine art moments