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Sujith Kumar

Lead Photographer, Incognito frames.

I don’t even remember when was the first time I took a camera and started clicking pictures. Becoming a photographer was more a fantasy during my childhood than a dream. Thanks to the invasion of digitalisation in photography, today I am a professional photographer like many of my contemporaries. Had it not been for the digital takeover, I really wonder if I would have taken up photography as a full time profession :)

I am Sujith, born and bought up in Madras, a WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) member. I shoot mainly weddings and prefer making wedding stories in a reportage style. With my team of efficient wedding photographers, I have shot over one hundred weddings cutting across major wedding traditions crisscrossing South India.

Shooting weddings opens doors for plenty of lifestyle events and family documentaries and of course kids! Our kids gallery are quite popular with huge fan following and is, as big and colourful as our wedding gallery. We have been doing a wide variety of interesting lifestyle events in the recent past. check out our blogs or Instagram posts for more on this.


I loved documentary and fashion and din't even consider wedding photography as a profession which requires creativity in my early days as a photography enthusiast. All my understanding about photography and especially wedding photography changed when I met Mr.Raghu Lakshminaraayan, my mentor. 

I started my career as a photographer under the guidance of Mr.Raghu Lakshminaaryanan, an award winning wedding photographer and an exponent in South Indian weddings. I considers myself very lucky to have worked under him, which expanded my horizons in photography, everything that i do today, i owe it to him.