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Elegance of Christian Wedding

Something that existed and evolved along with Humans although these eons is Marriages. Wedding is a symbol of love, involves commitment, permanence through ups and downs and the strength to faithfully sacrifice for each other’s happiness. Wedding sounds so pure perhaps during the ancient times was considered a trade (at least now it’s not showcased that way). So be it – Weddings are weddings. People bend over backwards to ensure the wedding is at it’s best. Yes, Wedding is a jumbo package of immeasurable joy and king-sized encumbrance.

Like a lot of people say, “I like all love stories but ours is the best” the same goes with the wedding as well. Every wedding has its own glam and speaks for itself.

Undeniably, Christian weddings has a decorous charm. Curiosity to know why, these were the responses we got from our brides. One said “Walking down the aisle with dad the long veil makes you feel like a queen and finally more than any rituals “I DO” are the most beautiful and magical words you can hear and tell.” Another pretty bride of ours said, “The best thing is that we get to exchange our vows. Mostly the vows are self-written so it’s more than a ritual.” Also, what the other one said was a perfecto. She personally feels that the best thing is the elegance and intimacy of the event itself. So true and relatable, we felt. Although the Christian wedding involves plenty of rituals, the wedding vows is a paramount and overrides the rest. The bride and the groom gets to express love through their own words. Being in the era, where expression through words cease to exist - These vows brings classic beauty to the relationship and will always remain a cherished gesture.Any bride who is short or tall, lean or healthy , dark or fair - despite the physical appearances they’re made to feel like a queen inside out. Could be her gorgeous gown, queen like veil, the importance given to her the whole time or happens naturally. Reasons could be plenty, who cares. The pleasure of being on the bride’s shoes is beyond price.


Sun rays breaks into the long glass windows along with the music played during the processions, having the bride walking through the aisle holding the hero of her life and gives her away to the love of her life – is an absolute treat to the eyes and hearts of the witnesses. When the couple pledge “I DO”, the crowd says without saying “we do too” – filled with love and good vibes.

Any wedding is a great deal and takes in much effort from both the families for a relationship forever. Christian weddings has extra cherries on top of their cake, don’t you think?

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